Customizable 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Ring Base for DIY Projects Pearl Ring Mount - Ideal for Jewelry Designers

Sale priceHK$188.51

The 925 sterling silver pearl ring base is an ideal setting for jewelry designers and DIY projects. 

Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, the ring base features a rhodium plating for a sleek, modern look. 

 It is designed to accommodate pearls ranging from 12mm to 12.5mm in size, with a recommended 1.1mm drill size. 

 This ensures a secure and stable setting for your pearls, allowing you to showcase their natural beauty and luster. 

In addition, the ring base is available in three different colors of cubic zirconia accents, providing you with options to customize and elevate your pearl jewelry creations. 

 The versatility of this 925 sterling silver setting makes it a great choice for jewelry makers, designers, and anyone looking to craft unique, personalized pieces. 

Overall, this pearl ring base is an excellent foundation for DIY jewelry projects and a must-have for jewelry designers seeking a high-quality, customizable setting for their 12-12.5mm pearl designs. 

color: Sapphire BLue
size: 7