Stylish Black Rhodium Ring Mount with Sea Blue Cubic Zirconia for Pearl Creations

Sale priceHK$167.25

The black rhodium ring mount in 925 sterling silver with 5mm sea blue cubic zirconia is a versatile and stylish setting for creating custom pearl jewelry. The black rhodium plating provides a sleek, modern look, while the 925 sterling silver base ensures durability and quality. The 5mm sea blue cubic zirconia adds a touch of elegance and can complement a variety of pearl colors and sizes. For best results, we recommend using pearls ranging from 7.5mm to 8mm in size, with the pearls drilled halfway at 1.0mm. This will allow the pearls to be securely set in the ring mount, creating a beautiful and eye-catching piece of jewelry. The black rhodium ring mount is an excellent choice for jewelry designers, crafters, and anyone looking to create unique, personalized pearl jewelry.  Its versatile design and high-quality materials make it a great addition to any jewelry-making toolkit.

color: Sapphire Blue
Size: 7