11mm tahitian pearl pendant, 925 sterling silver, rhodium finish, cubic zirconia

Sale priceHK$249.54

11mm Tahitian Pearl Pendant 925 sterling silver Rhodolite red cubic zirconia 74% off the market price. High-quality materials that won't lose their shine. This pendant boasts a lustrous 11mm Tahitian pearl, housed in high-quality 925 sterling silver and accented with a gorgeous Rhodolite red cubic zirconia. And the best part? You'll get all this at an unbeatable 74% off the market price.
* Tahitian pearls are farmed and come with inherent blemishes. * Unique and handcrafted design * Rhodium-coated 925 sterling silver setting for tarnish resistance * Cubic zircon possessing an 8 Mohs hardness