Moissanite: as hard as a diamond

Moissanite: as hard as a diamond

The Moissanite is known as the "diamond killer."

The two gems are not connected in any way, but they look exactly the same. You can't tell the difference between a mossanite and a diamond without some kind of test or tools.

Moissanite vs Diamond - Can you tell?

Moissanite vs diamond

There is a $30 Moissanite next to a $6000 Diamond in the image above. Even though they are cut differently, it is still hard to tell them apart. Some so-called experts will say that the top one is a diamond because it has more depth, but the bottom one is actually a natural OEC diamond.

How hard Moissanite is on the Mohs scale.

As a substitute to diamond, moissanite is 9.25 moh hard, which is just a little less than diamond, which is the hardest gemstone. It's not quite as hard as a diamond, but it's harder than every other stone (sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, etc.), and it costs a lot less.


The Sparkle of a Moissanite.

If you're wondering if Moissanite has that sparkle while showing a rainbow effect. Look no further! Moissanite shines brighter than a diamond. It has a refractive index (brilliance) of 2.65, which is somewhat higher than the diamond's 2.42. For jewelers, having that sparkle is really important because it is the first thing a consumer notices.

Moissanite Prices

Moissanite costs vary by company, you can find $300 moissanite on Google and the same moissanite for $30 in my store. Prices are largely determined by production costs and manpower, as opposed to natural gemstones, which are priced based on rarity, so the larger the company, the higher the price. It is also worth noting that some shapes will cost extra due to the level of faceting complexity necessary.

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